Kuninga (King´s) Street, Pärnu 1866

Heinrich Reinfeldt

Anna Florentine Dagmar Reinfeldt

Anna Florentine Dagmar Reinfeldt



The historic house of Alex Maja was built in the 17th century, destroyed in a fire in 1911, renovated and opened again lately as a guesthouse to welcome all the friends – old and new ones – in its uniquely charming rooms. Peaceful and private environment in Alex Maja is perfect for a relaxing holiday. Make Yourself comfortable and feel like home!

Governments have come and gone, but Kuninga (King’s) Street in the heart of Pärnu, where Alex Maja is located in, has maintained its importance and historical look. Kuninga Street has become a tourist attraction site including two green parks, two churches and tens of bars and restaurants. As well as golden sandy beaches and the biggest shopping centres nearby.

   The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it!             


Arvutiparandus @2011